Professional Coffee Equipment


What Make Us Different

The answer is yes - now whats the question ? 

With over 20 years daily experience in working with our friends (not customers) manage their tea and coffee operations. We promise to treat your business as if it were our own.  We deal with national accounts, fine dining restaurants, advertising agencies, artisan cafes, pop up shops and restaurant chains as happy friends (not customers). Pick up the phone or email us and allow us to do to what we do best. 

Peace of Mind

We only deal with the best range of equipment because we know how important coffee and teas sales is to both our companies. We trade actively with most manufacturers in our industry which helps us secure the best offers for you and keeps us ahead of the crowd. So if you know what you want thats great, we can help. But if you would like some advice we promise to be completely impartial and professional.


By Your Side

We believe in that old fashioned concept called "service". 

Lets talk, help us understand your requirements and we promise to find finding the right solution for your business.  We hope that you and your company will move on to bigger and challenging projects, we would very much like to play a part in that as part of building a mutually rewarding relationship.

The answer is yes - now whats the question ?  


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